Legalization of Documents


1. The document(s) MUST firstly be authenticated by a Public Notary with the documents being placed in the Notary's bundle with a red ribbon and with the Notary’s seal attached

2. After the Public Notary's procedure, the documents MUST then be stamped by either the Ministry of Justice's Consular Dept., at 6, Chasin St., The Russian Compound. Jerusalem (tel: 02-6545900) between 8.30-13.00 Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) OR at any Shalom Magistrates Court situated in most cities (more information at

3. After completing steps 1-2 above, the documents MUST then be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Dept., at 9, Yitzchak Rabin Blvd., Kiryat Yahalom. Jerusalem (tel: 02-5303269) between 09.30-12.30 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

4. The applicant must present the above stamped documents together with a photocopied set of the documents and the completed legalization application form to the Embassy’s Consular Dept., between 9.00-11.30 Monday-Friday

5. The fees are NIS 90 in cash per Embassy stamp requested and the document(s) will be ready for collection on the next complete working day between 14.00-16.00 (excluding Thai and Israeli holidays).


Note: Generally, all documents for use in Thailand MUST carry the seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel and the Embassy is only permitted to legalize those documents which carry the latter’s official seal.

For the information of Notary’s, Thailand was not a signatory to the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961 that abolished the requirement for the legalization of documents.


Any documents or certificates that are concerned with medical or veterinarian products, usually a Certificate of Free Sale, will already carry the seal of the Ministry of Health and will NOT normally require a Public Notary’s signature but will require the stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as in 3 above.