Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

IMPORTANT : All visa applicants must make advance appointment at


All documents submitted must be in English. All payments must be made in cash, credit cards and cheques are not accepted

1. Single entry costs NIS 150

    Visa validity is three (3) months from the date of issue with up to sixty (60) days of stay permit from the date of entry into Thailand. 
A re-entry permit may be requested from the Immigration Office in order to visit neighbouring countries and others, and return to Thailand.

2. Application for a Tourist visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in Israel:

    2.1 A passport/Travel Document valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Thailand.
    2.2  A clear photocopy of the passport/Travel Document. If an Israeli Travel Document or an Israeli citizen using a non-Israeli passport, also a clear copy of the Israeli Identity Card.
   2.3 One (1) recent colour passport photograph with white or blue background taken within the past 6 months.
   2.4 A copy of the flight confirmation or the electronic ticket.
   2.5 A copy of the initial hotel confirmation (a reservation will not be accepted)
   2.6 An employer's letter confirming your employment and salary attached with your last payslip or a bank statement showing sufficient funds for your travel in Thailand. If unemployed or a non-working student, a typed letter explaining how you will support yourself financially while in Thailand, or a bank statement showing sufficient funds for yor travel in Thailand. 
Notice: * The visa issuance procedure will commence only once the applicant has submitted a complete set of documents as required. Visa applications with missing documents will not be accepted.
             ** All submitted documents must be in English, documents submitted in Hebrew or any other language will not be accepted.
             *** For passport holders of the following countries:
1. Afghanistan 2. Bangladesh 3. Egypt 4. Iran 5. North Korea 6. Libya 7. Nigeria 8. Palestine 9. Sudan
10. Yemen 11. Cameroon 12. Congo 13. Republic of Congo 14. Equatorial Guinea 15. Guinea 16. Algeria
17. China 18. India 19. Iraq 20. Lebanon 21. Nepal 22. Pakistan 23. Sri Lanka 24. Syria 25. Ghana
26. Central African Republic 27. Somalia 28. Sao Tome and Principe 29. Liberia 30. Sierra Leone
31. Saudi Arabia, please inquire about further documents required.

3. Multiple entries costs NIS 750 

    Visa validity is six (6) months with up to sixty (60) days of stay permit from the date of each entry into Thailand.

     To apply for the Multiple-entry tourist visa, the following documents are required:

     2.1 Passport with 6 months validity
Two recent passport sized colour photos taken within the past six months 
     2.3 Israeli Permanent Residence Permit
     2.4 Bank Statement with the balance of at least NIS 25,000
     2.5 Letter of guarantee from employer
     2.6 Confirmed flight ticket and hotel reservation

This type of visa may take up to 3 full working days to process

4. For holders of passports issued by Palestine, India, Nepal, China, and Sri Lanka residing in Israel, should have the documents as below (Any query, please contact the Embassy for more information):
    4.1 Four completed visa application forms
    4.2 Four recent passport sized colour photos taken within the past six months
    4.3 Three copies of confirmed return air tickets endorsed by the travel agency
    4.4 Three copies of confirmed hotel reservations covering the whole period of stay in Thailand, endorsed by the travel agency
    4.5 Three copies of Israeli identification card (if applicable)  or three copies of the valid Israeli visa
    4.6 Three copies of passport